Here and Now – 16/05/2018

This week, on Here and Now, Katee is joined by Falkirk singer songwriter, Graeme Campbell.

Here and Now starts at 8:00 PM on Wednesday 16th May 2018


Graeme Campbell - Here and Now

Graeme Campbell

Graeme Campbell is a Scottish born guitarist songwriter. Since the age of 16 he has had the bug for playing live, recording and making music. Ever since, Graeme has had an unhealthy obsession with blues, rock, Americana and guitars.

Graeme has lived all over the country, and had an interesting life, but now he is just trying to create, keep real and keep sane.

On the 27th May, Graeme will be performing an acoustic music set at the Pumpherston Music Festival, if you want to go along and catch him playing live.


Graeme Campbell - Here and Now

Graeme Campbell


As usual, Katee winds up the show with one of her own songs and this week she performs her song “Heart of Wood” quite beautifully.

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