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Full Scottish 25/02/2018Broadcasting Scotland is a new broadcaster for Scotland, producing programmes from a Scottish perspective, targeting audiences, inside Scotland and beyond.

Our mission is to entertain, educate and inform.  We believe it is important that Scotland should have an alternative broadcaster, trusted by viewers and which will provide quality original programming across all genres. We will produce new original Scottish programmes, working with young programme makers, helping them develop their careers in Scotland. We will partner with colleges and universities to provide opportunities for work experience and career development.

Broadcasting Scotland now has its own studio in the centre of Glasgow and we are fitting out with production facilities and a will be connecting to high availability IPTV platform via high speed ethernet and satellite connections. Having our own studio gives us the possibility to increase the total hours which we broadcast every week and will help secure the future of Broadcasting Scotland. This is an ambitious project, but it is our ambition to be part of a new confident Scotland, comfortable with its own identity and confident in taking our place in the world. We will also raise revenue through advertising and other fund-raising activity, but the main source of our funding will be from our supporters’ subscriptions.

As an IPTV channel, we will provide both scheduled and on-demand programmes, free to view, which can be easily accessed via the internet. Our programmes will be available to view on computers, tablets, smart-phones and on smart-TVs. In time we would hope to provide our own set-top box to provide direct access to our channels as well as access to other on-line TV and radio channels and web browsing.

Broadcasting Scotland plans to provide a full range of programming, including news, current affairs and documentaries, entertainment and variety, drama, music and comedy, suitable for all ages, which is aimed at audiences both inside Scotland, as well as a global audience interested in Scotland and Scottish culture.

Broadcasting Scotland Cowcaddens Studio

Broadcasting Scotland Cowcaddens Studio

Our business plan will see us developing a close relationship with our audiences and is aimed at creating a sustainable business model, which will support our future growth. It is important that our service will always be free to view and that we minimise any barriers to viewers accessing our programmes, however we do need to raise revenue and part of our business model is a supporter subscription which will offer additional benefits to subscribers.

Broadcasting Scotland plans to reach out to everyone in Scotland with fair and balanced programming. We plan to put on a wide range of programmes with something for the whole family. Our plans include children’s programmes, nature, countryside and farming programmes and cookery and lifestyle programmes. We plan to create a schedule which will include entertainment shows, drama, documentary, music, comedy as well as current affairs and politics. We will create programmes for a modern, confident, outward looking nation, programmes for everyone in Scotland

We are presently staffed and operated on a voluntary not-for-profit basis. All equipment and costs are funded entirely by donations. All our presenters, producers and technical staff give their valuable time without payment out of a belief in the principle of media pluralism.

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