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Thank you to everyone who has donated and helped us to reach our £10,000 emergency crowdfunder target. The challenge for us now, is to build on our subscriber base, to ensure that we that we are able to pay our bills every month.

The need for a fair and balanced independent broadcaster in Scotland has never been greater. We have reported daily on the cost of living crisis and have seen how it is affecting the lives of people in Scotland as we strive to be able to bring you the news from a Scottish perspective every day. We are so grateful to all our supporters, we could not exist without you.

We have now set ourselves the task of adding 300 new subscribers, so if you can afford it, please sign up to become a Broadcasting Scotland Supporter.

Please click here to sign up to become a Broadcasting Scotland Supporter or use donate button below. We are so very grateful for all the donations we receive.

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The economic and political threats and opportunities facing Scotland are more complex than they have ever been and at Broadcasting Scotland, we want to be ready to provide the fair and balanced reporting that Scotland deserves; to be able to provide the kind of news service that can be trusted by viewers across Scotland and to report on all the major events. We have the technical ability and capacity to report live from our studio and have remote feeds from around Scotland and around the world, but what we now need are the people to produce the programmes in front of and behind the camera. Please help us to become Scotland’s independent broadcaster, making programmes in Scotland for Scotland, which people in Scotland will want to watch. If the news from Pacified Quay can get 4000 viewers (allegedly) then surely an independent Scottish Broadcaster can do better, with your support.

We believe in fair and balanced public service media and our programmes will always be free to view.

Our primary funding model is to encourage our supporters to sign up and subscribe to us for just £5.00 per month to enable us to become sustainable. Our target is to produce 12 hours of programming per day, seven days a week but this will only be possible with your grass roots support.


Scotland needs independent media outlets to guarantee a fair and democratic society and we believe that Broadcasting Scotland has an important part to play in shaping Scotland’s future. Your support is essential to keep us moving forward. towards our goal of becoming Scotland’s Broadcaster.

We are a Scottish broadcaster with plans to produce a wide range of programmes for all audiences in Scotland from a Scottish perspective, targeting as wide an audience as possible. As well as news and current affairs, we want to be able to produce a mixture of chat and discussion programmes, live and recorded music of all genres, live and recorded comedy stand-up and quiz programmes, culture and review programmes, around a 12 hour daily schedule, with all programmes available to watch live and on-demand.

We believe that in Scotland, it should be possible to begin, advance and reach the peak of your career, without the need to move to London or anywhere to achieve that advancement. We also want to see the growth of broadcasting talent in Scotland, capable of taking up positions anywhere in the world.

We already have the technical capability in place to produce live rolling news and discussion based programmes. Our facilities allow us to have live contributions from correspondents and guests connecting from anywhere in the world via the internet. We are also capable of providing live coverage of elections and referendums with correspondents around Scotland at the various counting centres connecting directly to the studio.

We will create programmes for a modern, confident, outward looking nation, programmes for everyone in Scotland and build an audience who will trust our output for its quality, veracity and fairness.

If you would like to support us, please sign up and subscribe to us or use the donate button above, donate to Broadcasting Scotland and help us achieve our goals.

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