Full Scottish – 17/06/2018

Welcome to your Full Scottish, from our Cowcaddens Studio in Glasgow.

Full Scottish programme starts at 12:00 midday on Sunday 17th June 2018

On this week’s Full Scottish from, Cameron Archibald is joined by guests Sandra White MSP and Journalist and writer, Susan Mansfield.

The mood will probably be a bit sombre as we begin the programme with the tragic fire which has left the Glasgow School of Art a shell.

Discussion will be a bit livelier as we discuss Westminster’s attempted “Power Grab” to take control of powers returning from the EU, which would normally be the remit of the devolved assemblies and the SNP walking out of the House of Commons in response to what they perceived as disrespect shown to Scotland.

Also in Westminster this week, a private member’s bill to ban taking “upskirt” photos or “upskirting” was blocked by Tory back-bencher, Sir Christopher Chope, for no apparent reason other than he does not like private member’s bills. This was a matter which would only have effected England and Wales as Scotland had already made “upskirting” illegal 10 years ago.


Sandra White MSP - Full Scottish

Sandra White MSP

Sandra White is the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Kelvin. Having been active in politics, both locally and nationally, since joining the SNP in 1983, Sandra served as the Councillor for Foxbar (Renfrewshire) for ten years before being elected as a MSP in 1999.

She is currently the Convener of the Social Security Committee in the Scottish Parliament. Sandra’s interests in politics revolve around achieving social justice, both domestically and internationally, and the regeneration of Glasgow. She is married with three grown up children.



Susan Mansfield - Full Scottish

Susan Mansfield

Susan Mansfield is a Scottish journalist and writer. She was an arts writer and interviewer on the Scotsman for 12 years. She has a particular interest in visual art and is one of the art critics on the Scotsman. She has been writing about Glasgow School of Art and the restoration of the Mackintosh building since the first fire in 2014.




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