Scottish EU Election 2019 Hustings

Welcome to Scottish EU Election 2019 Hustings.

Live from Strathclyde University Students Union at 6:00 PM on Saturday 18th May 2019


Sir John Curtice - Scottish EU Election 2019 Hustings

Sir John Curtice

With only 5 days left until the most important EU Elections ever held in Scotland, join us for EU Election 2019 Hustings between representatives of Scotland’s political parties (and their EU-wide political groups), putting their platforms forward and answering your questions, live from Strathclyde University Students Union, chaired by Sir John Curtice.


Confirmed Speakers:

Scottish Socialist Party (Left) – Colin Fox
Scottish Green Party (Greens/EFA) – Maggie Chapman
Scottish Labour Party (S&D) – Craig Miller
Scottish National Party (Greens/EFA) – Alex Kerr
Scottish Liberal Democrats (ALDE) – John Edward
Scottish Conservatives (ECR) – Michael Kusznir
ChangeUK – Peter Griffiths
UKIP Scotland (ENF) – Kyle McGettigan
Scottish EU Youth Ambassador – Huw Sherrard

An invitation was issued to the Brexit Party.


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