Scotland at 7 Westminster Special – 04/07/2018

Welcome to A special edition of Scotland at 7 bringing live coverage of the Opposition day debate from Westminster.

Scotland at 7 starts at 7:00 PM on Monday 18th June 2018

The SNP have used an opposition day debate to call on the UK government to respect the people of Scotland as sovereign, following the passage of their EU Withdrawal Bill and the biggest power grab on the Scottish Parliament since devolution.

Commenting on the debate, SNP Westminster Leader Ian Blackford MP said, “Last year the Scottish Parliament marked 20 years of devolution, yet it now finds itself under threat of a power grab from the very party which opposed its creation in the first place.

“The UK government’s legal challenges to the Scottish Parliament’s Continuity Bill shows the arrogance of the Tories when faced with the will of the Scottish people.

“The People of Scotland voted decisively to remain part of the European Union and this decision must be taken into account and respected, not cast to one side by the UK government.

“The stark difference in the political direction of Holyrood and Westminster in recent years make it even more crucial that the will of the Scottish Parliament and the Scottish people is respected.

“The SNP will always defend the sovereignty of the Scottish people. While there has been much progress since devolution, the Tory Government in London – which has not won an election in Scotland in 55 years – is in the process of dragging Scotland out of the EU against its will.”


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