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On the Full Scottish this week, Corri is joined by guests, Chris Stephens MP and Ellen Hoefer to talk about the big stories in the week’s news.

As the confusion over Brexit continues this week, the EU Council agreed to an extension to Article 50 until May 22nd if Theresa May can get her deal through Parliament in the coming week, otherwise, the extension will only be until 12th April, when the UK would crash out of the EU with no deal, unless they requested a further longer extension and agreed to take part in the EU elections. However, the Prime Ministers deal cannot be voted on again in Parliament this session, unless it has had significant changes, which leaves MPs in the House of Commons trying to find a deal which will get a majority in Parliament.

It may be that the only way to get a definitive view is to take Brexit back to the country in a second referendum, something the Brexiteers have set themselves firmly against, but with over one million marching in London yesterday and the revoke article 50 petition approaching 5 million signatures, that might be the only way to resolve the current impasse.

Special Counsel, Robert Mueller delivered his report into the Trump – Russia connection to Attorney General William Barr this week. While Congress is expected to be briefed on the findings today, the Democrats are insisting that the Report should be published in full, so that the public can be made aware of the findings. It has been said that further arrests are not expected as a result of the report.

The Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces have defeated the rump of Daesh in their last stronghold of Baghuz, to bring about the end of the ISIS Caliphate and its extremist ideology. Daesh no longer have control over any territory,

As an outbreak of Cholera is announced in Beira, the capital of Mozambique, the death toll in the wake of Cyclone Idai reached 732 with hundreds of thousands pf people displaced from their homes across Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. –  Click here to donate to the Disasters Emergency Committee.

For a second year running, Finland has topped the UN, list of happiest countries, with Denmark, Norway, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and Australia making up the rest of the top 10. The UK is at 15th place and the USA at 19th. Where might an independent Scotland rank?


Chris Stephens MP - Full Scottish

Chris Stephens MP

Chris Stephens, has been the SNP MP for Glasgow South West since 2015. He is the Shadow SNP Spokesperson for Trade Unions and Workers’ Rights at Westminster. Born in Glasgow March 1973, he was employed by Glasgow City Council, and as a Senior UNISON activist in the city, acted as a lead negotiator, and represented trade union members on issues such as disability and racial discrimination, occupational pension protection, and on equal pay matters. Chris is a proud Partick Thistle supporter and Firhill regular.


Ellen Hofer - Full Scottish

Ellen Hofer

Ellen Hofer is a European community service designer and artist who has been living on the West coast of Scotland for over a decade. Having been politically active in her teens on the continent none of her family members and friends were surprised to find her passionately supporting Scottish Independence in her not-so-new home country. The outcomes of both IndyRef and the Brexit referendum irrefutably highlighted the need for EU citizens to be both more active and better represented as part of the diversity of political and social landscapes.

Ellen has been representing EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland as Creative Director since the beginning of 2017, giving EU citizens in Scotland a pro-indy voice and helping to open continental ears and doors for an Independent Scotland.

She continues to live in Glasgow and supports the independence movement by supporting the design and promotion of new projects, ideas and methods. She firmly believes that integrity, collaboration and innovation are at the heart of building an equal, fair, progressive and diverse independent Scotland.


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