Full Scottish – 17/11/2019

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On this week’s Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by the SNP Depute Leader, Keith Brown MSP and Day Tucker to discuss the big stories in the week’s news.

With all the forensic interviewing skills of Detective Olivia Benson from TV’s Special Victims Unit, Emily Maitlis took Prince Andrew through all the details of the allegations relating to his “friendship” with Jeffrey Epstein. We can expect an eager US district Attorney to be keen to get their hands on the transcript.

How will the party policy promises play with voters in Scotland as compared to the rest of the UK and what will be the effects of pacts and tactical voting?

As the Trump Impeachment hearings move into the public sessions, are the revelations having an impact on public opinion and will that impact be enough to damage Trump’s 2020 re-election prospects?

Migrants coming to work in the UK are being exploited by inflated visa charges and forced to pay for mistakes made by the government’s contractors as visa service are being outsourced to private providers.

The Fire Brigades Union have raised concerns over a fire in student flats in Bolton which spread over the cladding façade of the building, in a manner reminiscent to the Grenfell Tower Disaster. How many buildings in the UK are at risk from the ubiquitous use of cladding in recent years?


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