Full Scottish – 16/06/2019

Welcome to the Full Scottish live from our Cowcaddens Studio in Glasgow.

Programme starts at 12:00 midday on Sunday 16th June 2019


Our guests on this week’s Full Scottish, are Maggie Lennon, Director of the Bridges Programmes and Chris Stephens, SNP MP for Glasgow South West.

The tory leadership contest is down to 6, with Boris Johnson still out in the lead, but is he really up to the job of being Prime Minister? How will he be judged by the tory party and would he win in a general election? How would Scotland react to him becoming PM?

One of the worst examples in the history of ministerial incompetence, is Boris Johnson saying that Nazanin Zaghari Ratcliffe was training journalists. This week as Nazanin goes on hunger strike and tensions between America and Iran are growing, following the attacks on two ships in the Straits of Hormuz, what is the likelihood of conflict between the USA and Iran and would the UK under PM Boris Johnson join Trump in going to war?

Serco has announced it will begin changing the locks on the homes of Glasgow asylum seekers who have had their appeals rejected by the Home Office, effectively leaving them homeless and destitute. How should we treat asylum seekers, and is this just another example of the UK Government’s hostile environment in action?

As Police Scotland remove protesters from the Transocean oil rig in the Cromarty Firth, Greenpeace have announced that it is sending its Artic Sunrise ship to intercept it and prevent the rig from reaching its destination in the Vorlich oil field, east of Aberdeen.

Is support for Independence growing in Scotland? With over 7000 marching in Oban yesterday, 5000 in Galashiels just two weeks ago and over 100,000 marching in Glasgow, does it now feel like the mood is changing? Is the Brexit effect starting to show and will it be accelerated by the tories selecting Bojo as leader?

Join us as we discuss all this and more on the Full Scottish.


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