Full Scottish – 11/08/2019

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by guest Stuart McMillan MSP.

Calamity Brown has warned that a no-deal will mean the end of the union, followed by loud wailing and gnashing of gums from Scottish Labour. To be fair, that has been what Scottish Labour have been doing all week. Is this the end for the Labour Party in Scotland? With the tories considering a separate Scottish party, it seems likely that the tory government’s response to Scottish concerns will be to double down on their Brexit power grab and plaster union flags everywhere. Meanwhile the hypocrisy of some pro-brexit politicians is being shown up as it becomes clear how much they stand to make out of the chaos of Brexit and it turns out that Dominic Cummins’ farm has received £235,000 from the EU.

Fisheries protection at risk in UK following Brexit according to UK government. What will be the dangers to Scottish Fishermen and Scottish fisheries if there are insufficient patrol vessels to provide the protection required to cover the massive area of Scottish waters.

Ferguson have had difficulties with the design and construction of the new ferry for the Calmac Arran service, resulting in late delivery and cost overruns. As the only commercial ship-builder on the Clyde, can the Scottish Government find the way forward to ensure that this vital facility is not lost to Scotland?

Is it time to call a halt to PFI funded public projects? Has this funding set-up, created under tory and labour governments to shift the cost of capital projects off the public sector borrowing balance sheet onto current account expenditure had its day? Would a normal country with borrowing powers find it cheaper to just borrow the money and build schools and hospitals using more conventional construction contracts?

As the Hong Kong democracy demonstrations escalate, what will be the outcome for the current Hon Kong administration and how will China respond?

How many will be breathing a sigh of relief at the death of Jeffrey Epstein? Will the rich and powerful named as being involved in the Epstein’s alleged crimes against young women still be at risk of prosecution.

Scotland welcomes the Women’s Tour of Scotland, the first international women’s cycling road tour to be held in Scotland.

Join us for all this and more.


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