Full Scottish – 09/02/2020

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Janette Foggo to discuss the week’s big news stories.

This week, as the death toll from corona virus overtakes SARS, the man who first raised the alarm about Coronavirus in Wuhan has died from the illness. The authorities reacted by silencing Chinese doctor Li Wenliang instead of implementing precautions he recommended to prevent its spread, until after it was too late.

Well Trump survived his impeachment trial thanks to partisan voting in the Senate, with the notable exception of Republican Senator Mitt Romney. This followed a State of the Union Address which Nancy Pelosi concluded was in a right state as she tore up Trump’s speech.

As Sinn Féin make dramatic gains in the Irish general election, a “Border Poll” on the re-unification of Ireland must now be much more likely following Brexit and with the risk of a bad deal or no-deal in the trade negotiations being quite high.

Over the years, the BBC have made editorial decisions in the name of “Balance” which have led to a loss of trust and may lead to its undoing as a Public Service Broadcaster. Instead of being rewarded for enabling the Brexit, those now in power seem more keen to reward those who have been out to dismantle the BBC for decades.

What is there to say about Derek Mackay except goodbye Derek and hello Kate Forbes. Always impressive, Kate Forbes MSP stepped in at the last minute to make the Scottish Budget Statement and showed why she is such a rising star in the SNP.


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