Full Scottish – 05/01/2020

Welcome to the Full Scottish from our Cowcaddens Studio in Glasgow.

Full Scottish starts at 12:30 midday on Sunday 5th January 2020


Welcome to the first Full Scottish of 2020. On the programme this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Linda Fabiani MSP and Andrew Wilson from AUOB.

The devastation caused by the out of control bush fires in Australia would have been the top story on this week’s Full Scottish, were it not for an under pressure President Trump, seeking to divert attention from his impeachment by killing Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani, an action that has left Americans and American interests around the world braced for Iranian retaliation. While the situation would seem to call for cool heads and diplomacy, Trump continues to ramp up the rhetoric via Twitter, threatening to strike 52 Iranian targets in retaliation to any Iranian retaliation.

Australia has been living with devastating bush fires since October of last year, with people being evacuated from beaches as their homes are engulfed in flames. The effects on wildlife have also been devastating and yet climate change denial is still prevalent among the country’s ruling politicians.

As new documents are released, revealing the scale of Cambridge Analytica’s operations in up to 65 countries, questions about the threat to democracy have to be answered. Now that the Cambridge Analytica playbook in public, how many other organisations are now using their methods to manipulate people with targeted messages?

The BBC in Scotland have come in for criticism again for images and headlines which give a distorted view of the facts. Will this get worse as the Indyref2020 campaign gears up?

As the Labour party leadership race gets under way, what is the future for the Labour Party in Scotland as the STUC calls on them to back Scotland having the right to choose its own future in an independence referendum?

Following Boris Johnson’s general election win in December, All Under One Banner quickly arranged for a march and rally to be held in Glasgow on the 11th January. The response has been overwhelming and it is looking like record number could turn out to demonstrate their support for Scottish Independence on a cold Saturday in January.


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