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On this programme, we read out the previous day’s (09/06/2020) coronavirus update figures for Scotland by mistake. The correct figures are here:-

As of 2pm today, in Scotland there has been a total of 130,104 coronavirus tests concluded. Of these:
• 114,439 tests were confirmed negative
• 15,665 tests were positive
• 623 were in hospital last night: 15 of whom were in intensive care, with another 3 with suspected COVID-19 in intensive care
This marks an increase of 12 confirmed new cases since yesterday.
The number of patients in Scotland who have died from complications caused by the coronavirus COVID-19 infection has sadly risen to 2,434. This number only includes those who died in hospital having received a positive test for the virus.
The latest UK daily figures available show 40,883 patients who tested positive for COVID-19 have sadly died from their illness, an increase of 286. This number refers to deaths in all settings, not just hospitals.


You can find the latest NHS Scotland Coronavirus COVID-19 information here

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