Parliament Live from Holyrood – 27/02/2024

Parliament Live from Holyrood – 27/02/2024


Join us for Parliament Live from Holyrood with live coverage of the Scottish Budget 2024-25 Stage 3 Proceedings.

2:00pm – Topical Questions

Kenneth Gibson S6T-01818
1. To ask the Scottish Government what action it will take to ensure optimum ferry capacity to and from Arran, in light of reports that repairs to the MV Caledonian Isles are not expected to conclude before mid-June.

Russell Findlay S6T-01830
2. To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to reports that Police Scotland’s Proportionate Response to Crime pilot, in which not all reported crimes were investigated, is to be extended across Scotland.

Ministerial Statement: Scotland’s Prison Population

Stage 3 Proceedings: Budget (Scotland) (No. 3) Bill

Shona Robison S6M-12295 – Budget (Scotland) (No. 3) Bill
That the Parliament agrees that the Budget (Scotland) (No. 3) Bill be passed.

Committee Announcements

Business Motions

Parliamentary Bureau Motions

5:30pm- Decision Time

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