Parliament Live from Holyrood – 12/11/2019

Parliament Live from Holyrood – 12/11/2019


Parliament Live from Holyrood with a Scottish Government debate on Protecting the Rights of EU Citizens in Scotland

2:00pm – Topical Questions

Jackie Baillie S5T-01877
1. To ask the Scottish Government what discussions it has had with craft brewers about the deposit return scheme.

Michelle Ballantyne S5T-01879
2. To ask the Scottish Government what its response is to the reports of people being treated for diphtheria in the NHS Lothian area.

Scottish Government Debate – Ben Macpherson S5M-19809

Protecting the Rights of EU Citizens in Scotland

That the Parliament welcomes citizens from elsewhere in the EU, the EEA and Switzerland who have used their right to freedom of movement to come to Scotland, and recognises the significant contributions that such EU citizens make to Scotland and the rest of the UK socially, culturally and economically; acknowledges that EU citizens enrich Scotland and are an integral part of communities across the country; notes that the approach of the UK Government towards the rights of EU citizens since 24 June 2016 has created long-running insecurity and anxiety for millions; emphasises that EU citizens maintain their rights under freedom of movement until if and when the UK exits the EU; believes that EU citizens should not have to apply to retain rights they already have if the UK exits the EU and freedom of movement ends; notes that the establishment of a declarative system and the removal of the requirement to apply to the UK Government’s EU Settlement Scheme would go some way to alleviating the current insecurity many people are experiencing; believes that the rights of EU citizens must be enshrined in primary legislation, and proposes that, if a declarative system is not established in law, the UK Government should immediately disapply its requirement that EU citizens accrue five years’ residency to obtain full settled status, therefore removing the less secure pre-settled status, and considers that in all cases EU citizens must be given the option of receiving physical proof of status.

5:00pm – Decision Time


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