Parliament Live from Holyrood – 01/06/2021

Parliament Live from Holyrood – 01/06/2021


Join us for Parliament Live from Holyrood, including the First Minister’s Statement on COVID-19.

2:00pm – Topical Questions

First Minister’s Statement – COVID-19 Update

Scottish Government Debate – Humza Yousaf S6M-00144 – Health Recovery

That the Parliament welcomes the Scottish Government commitment to produce an NHS Recovery plan within 100 days, reflecting that the necessary actions of the NHS to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic have impacted on waiting times for care and treatment; recognises that this impact will mean that many people are waiting longer for treatment and that this will be a source of worry for them and their families; notes that the aim of the recovery plan will be to increase inpatient, day case and outpatient activity by 10%, and that urgent care such as cancer will continue to be prioritised and action taken to reduce the longest waits; believes that the recovery plan should address both mental and physical health as all aspects of wellbeing have been affected by the pandemic; further believes that a women’s health plan should also be brought forward within 100 days in order to better shape the services that are needed by women of all ages but that have too often fallen short in the past; commends the health and care staff for the remarkable efforts that they have made to provide the best care and treatment possible during the pandemic, and recognises that fundamental to the recovery of the NHS is a recognition of their care and support needs so that they can best meet the needs of patients, and supports the establishment of a National Care Service to ensure that care services are founded on fairness, equality and human rights, and are placed on the same level of esteem as the National Health Service.

Annie Wells S6M-00144.4 – Health Recovery

As an amendment to motion S6M-00144 in the name of Humza Yousaf (Health Recovery), leave out from “, and supports the establishment” to end and insert “; welcomes the Feeley Review and aims to work with families and the sector to design reforms focused on putting Scotland’s social care system on a sustainable footing; calls on the Scottish Government to ensure that the promised increase in inpatient, day case and outpatient activity will not adversely affect the time consultants get to spend with a single patient; recognises the unacceptably high levels of drug deaths in Scotland and believes everyone should have a right, enshrined in law, to the necessary alcohol and/or drug treatment option that they seek, and awaits the early publication and progress of a bill on restitution for victims of the Mesh scandal.”

Jackie Baillie S6M-00144.1 – Health Recovery

As an amendment to motion S6M-00144 in the name of Humza Yousaf (Health Recovery), insert at end “; recognises that patients were experiencing unacceptably long waits before the pandemic and significant health inequalities persisted across Scotland; notes the acute need to find missing cancer diagnoses and establish a catch-up initiative in screening programmes; considers that tackling the mental health crisis must be an urgent priority with an end to rejected referrals, putting mental health professionals in general practice and a new suicide prevention strategy; believes that the social care workforce has been undervalued for too long, and calls on the Scottish Government to address poverty pay in the sector by funding an immediate pay rise to at least £12 per hour for social care workers, rising to £15 per hour in the current parliamentary session.”

5:00pm – Decision Time

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You can find the latest NHS Scotland Coronavirus COVID-19 information here

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