An Independent Woman – Jeane Freeman

Jeane FreemanMichelle Rodger interviews Jeane Freeman, political analyst, business owner, co-founder of Women for Independence and SNP candidate for Carrick, Cumnock and Doon Valley.

In a fascinating interview, Jeane Freeman talks about growing up in Ayrshire, being an advisor to former First Minister Jack McConnell, the need for Women for Independence in the Referendum campaign and the work which @WomenForIndy continues to do and her hopes for the future of Scotland. There is also a reaction to that Andrew Neil interview where she put him firmly in his place.

Our interview with Jeane Freeman is the latest in our series of interviews in which Michelle Rodger introduces you to people who are making a difference to life in Scotland.

Michelle Rodger is a journalist, business owner and director of Business for Scotland, who brings sharp insights into political and cultural life in Scotland in a relaxing style which allows her guests to feel comfortable as they open up.


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