Here and Now – 04/04/2018

On Here and Now this week, Katee Kross is joined by Motherwell singer songwriter, Tommy McGuire.

Here and Now starts at 8:00 PM on Wednesday 4th April 2018


This week, Katee’s guest on Here and Now is singer songwriter and former member of the 1sotones, Tommy McGuire from Motherwell.

Tommy McGuire - Here and Now

Tommy McGuire

Tommy McGuire studied music at Wolverhampton University and also attended the Academy of Music and Sound in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Although he started a little later than some musicians who find themselves with a guitar in hand as a toddler, he is ambitious and keen to give up selling cars for a living in order to pursue music full-time.

Tommy got into music in a big way when he was at high school. Hi friend was picked to do singing as his instrument, when the teacher realised he had a decent voice as well, andit has just gone on from there.

Tommy McGuire - Here and Now

Tommy McGuire

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