Full Scottish – 8th May 2016

Programme starts at 12:30 PM on Sunday 8th May 2016

Welcome to your Full Scottish, live from the YES Bar in Glasgow.

Scottish election roundup is the order of the day: your Full Scottish will be serving up news, fresh views and long form interviews on this week’s top news topic … the Holyrood election.

Common Space editor Angela Haggerty and comedian/freelance journalist Andrew Learmonth join hosts Michelle Rodger and Richard Walker for the newspaper review.

Angela Haggerty is also a Sunday Herald columnist and likes politics and ‘fitba’. Her Twitter biog says ‘Haggerty takes no s***’ and that she is ‘Mouthy as hell’ – we’re looking forward to the conversation!

Andrew has been a finalist in the Scottish Comedian Of The Year competition in 2008 and 2013, so we’re hoping for a side-splitting take on the news.

We’re also joined by regular commentator David Pratt, foreign correspondent for the Herald and Sunday Herald.

Newly elected MSP Jeane Freeman will be making her debut on the Full Scottish. Jeane has more than 25 years experience in public policy in the private and public sectors, as a senior civil servant, Chief Executive of Scottish and UK NGOs, UK parliamentary researcher and in broadcast media.  From 2001 to 2005 she was senior political adviser to the First Minister Jack McConnell. In 2005 she set up her company as a senior consultant in public affairs and government, specialising in providing strategic policy advice to private and public sector organisations.

She has been Chair of the Golden Jubilee Foundation Health Board for 7 years and a non executive member of the SPA and Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland.

And if you haven’t seen her take down BBC journalist Andrew Neil, you need to spend a couple of minutes enjoying this.

We’ll be exploring the results of Thursday’s election, probing the intentions and (still) trying to find out about that pesky second vote. It seems to have thwarted the SNP, so we’ll be asking Dr Craig McAngus, Politics Lecturer at Aberdeen University, to explain the hows, whys and what the ****s of the results.

We were looking forward to speaking to the Wee Ginger Dug best known for ‘biting the hand of Project Fear’. An independence campaigner, blogger and columnist for The National, Paul Kavanagh has built up a following of astute readers who regularly discuss and share his thoughts. But unfortunately he was unwell and unable to join us – get well soon Paul, and we hope to see you on the show soon.

Join us at 12.30 for your weekly Full Scottish.

And please tweet us, using the hashtag #FullScottish with your suggestions for future guests and to give us some feedback.

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