Full Scottish – 3rd July 2016

Welcome to your Full Scottish, live from the YES Bar in Glasgow.

Programme starts at 12:30 PM on Sunday 3rd July 2016

Well the political rollercoaster just keeps looping the loop. Who could have predicted this week’s chaos at Westminster? Egos and big beasts, knives in the back, coups and character assassinations. While in Brussels Nigel Farage offends, sneers and insults, SNP MEP Alyn Smith enjoys a standing ovation from European politicians for his passionate plea to keep Scotland in the EU and FM Nicola Sturgeon, the only one with a plan, shows true leadership. Proud to be Scottish? We are. Full Scottish in fact!

This week’s show is a corker. Alyn Smith MEP will be here to talk about the Brexit fallout in Brussels and what he and the rest of Team Scotland will be doing over the coming months to protect Scotland’s place in Europe. MPs Anne McLaughlin and Tommy Sheppard are joining the Full Scottish to bring a Westminster perspective on the hoo-ha happening in London.

Scottish writer Sara Sheridan will be doing the newspaper review, Craig McAngus will be back to share his thoughts on the Brexit vote and the options for Scotland and journalist Ian Fraser will be looking at the financial and economic implications.

Join us on Sunday at 12.30pm for this generous helping of your Full Scottish.

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