Full Scottish – 29/09/2019

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Kenny McBride presents this week’s Full Scottish and he is joined by guests, Andrew Wilson from AUOB by Chris McCusker from the SNP Socialist Group.

Following this week’s momentous Supreme Court Ruling, Parliament returned this week to hold Boris Johnson to account for unlawfully proroguing Parliament. The tone of the debate descended to point where the Prime Minister replied “humbug” to one MP’s fears over death threats she has received.

The SNP have said they will call for a vote of no-confidence and an interim government to be installed in parliament this week. Will the other opposition parties be able to come together and agree on an interim Prime Minister with a remit to request an Article 50 Extension and hold a general election?

Are the times a changing in America? Is public support for the impeachment of President Trump growing over his phone call to the President of Ukraine, calling on him to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden?

In the wake of the UN Climate Change meeting this week, the Scottish Government have passed a “world leading” Climate Change Bill. Is it enough and what more should we all be doing to reverse the effect of climate change?

In Edinburgh next Saturday, record breaking numbers are expected to march in support of Scottish Independence. Will the UK Government be forced into agreeing a Section 30 or will they continue to ignore the mandate given by the people of Scotland for the Scottish Government to hold Indyref2?

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