Full Scottish – 28/06/2020

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On this week’s Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by Effie Samara and Sam Paton to discuss the week’s big stories in the news.

The big story this week is the Glasgow Park Inn attack, a story of heroism by the police, emergency services and ordinary people doing their jobs, a story about what happens when an extremely traumatised person is further traumatised by the system which is meant to provide support and it is a story about the hostile environment, a UK Government policy, driven by xenophobia and racism.

As the global number of COVID-19 cases reaches 10 million, the watch word for easing lockdown is caution, and yet we still see mass crowds gathering on the beaches on the south of England and to a lesser degree at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow. Although confusing messaging by the UK Government probably exacerbated the problem, in America, allegations have emerged that the Trump administration and their proxies deliberately gave false and misleading information to justify lifting the lockdown sooner. It is no surprise that the US in now seeing a massive upturn taking the number of coronavirus cases to 2.5 million, a quarter of the world total.

Once again this week, we saw the Scottish media deliberately using a blatant untruth to get the First Minister to condemn something which was never proposed to happen, so they can use their contrived headline to attack a pro-independence group. It was unsubtle and dishonest but unfortunately it is no worse than we have come to expect from a large part of the media in Scotland.

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