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Naina Bhardwaj’s guests on this week’s Full Scottish are Glasgow Councillor Mhairi Hunter and ???.

We are starting this week with the reporting of allegations against Alex Salmond. Without any kind of due process, the former First Minister has gone from being the subject of allegations to “sex pest” in some the UK and Scottish media. On social media, it seems some pro-union journalists cannot contain their glee at the news.

Glasgow city council have faced criticism over the long running equal pay for women workers claims with the media being full of warnings of dire consequences for the city’s finances. This seems to overlook that this current SNP administration have already agreed to settle the claims, which the former Labour council leadership fought through the courts for years. Glasgow Council has also come in for criticism over the time it has taken to allow residents to return to their homes following the fire at the Glasgow School of Art.

This week, the Scottish government announced an new £5million scheme to give students free access to sanitary products, a campaign which was first started by Women for Independence and which rapidly picked up cross party support in Scotland.

As crunch time for the Brexit negotiations draws closer, the UK Government this week published the first of it’s no deal Brexit papers. Is this project fear or does it emphasise that now is the time for project Scotland Indyref2? As the SNP held the first of their National Assemblies in Ayr yesterday, we explore the options for Scotland and the Scottish Government to secure the best outcome for Scotland in the Brexit negotiations. Join us for analysis of about all this and more.

Mhairi Hunter

Mhairi Hunter

Mhairi Hunter lives in the Southside and has been an SNP councillor for Southside Central since 2012. She also works part time for Nicola Sturgeon MSP and cares for her elderly father. Mhairi is the SNP spokesperson on health & social care and is a member of the board of Glasgow’s Health & Social Care Partnership.


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