Full Scottish – 26/01/2020

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This week’s Full Scottish is presented by Kenny McBride and he is joined by guests Stuart McMillan MSP and Ken McDonald of iScot magazine.

We’re Doomed; Scottish media reacts to the news of 5 people being tested for the Coronavirus in Scotland. Actually all 5 patients tested negative and there are no confirmed cases of coronavirus in Scotland. In China, the government has put several cities and public transport on lock-down as the number of deaths reaches 56. The message from the WHO is take all necessary precautions, but don’t panic.

This January in Scotland seems to be unseasonably warm, but Climate Change Science is a lot more complex than that. Like all countries, Scotland has to do more and quickly if it is to meet its target of being carbon-neutral by 2045. Planting more trees is a good start, but blanket calls to cut livestock farming are contested by hill farmers in particular. What are the measures which would gain full ownership and active promotion by citizens and ensure that the target is met?

Not only is Donald Trump sceptical about Climate Change, he also denies breaking any laws. Would a non-partisan jury agree?

Questions are being raised about the influence of Boris Johnson’s bidie-in on policy decisions following the decision to stop a badger cull. There are also arguments going on about the future of HS2 between his advisors and within the cabinet and the wider tory party.

This Friday, Scotland will be taken out of the EU against the will of the majority of Scots and on Wednesday, First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon will set out her plan for the way forward to implement #Indyref2020 and have the result internationally recognised. This coming week could be a definitive week for the future of Scotland.


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