Full Scottish – 25/08/2019

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Cllr Graham Campbell to discuss the big stories in the week’s news.

In a major move towards addressing Scotland’s past involvement in the Slave Trade, Glasgow University has announced that it will establish a partnership with the University of the West Indies in order to make reparation for the donations received from the profits of Slavery in Glasgow.

Bolsonaro laughs as the Amazon burns, as it is reported that he attended a comedy club rather than address the damage that his policies have been doing. Will the G7 make a formal declaration calling for a strategy to protect the Amazon and rain forests around the world?

Brexit is high on the G7 agenda as Boris Johnson cosies up to Trump in the hope of getting a trade deal. Meanwhile the possibility of a no-deal Brexit has moved up the agenda again as the tory government looks at the idea proroguing parliament for 5 weeks.

As the chaos of Brexit gets out of hand, what lies ahead for Scotland? As the Gers figures came out this week, it was clear that fewer Scots saw them as the predictions of doom for an Independent Scotland that pro-union pundits would have you believe.

We have an announcement to make this morning so make sure you tune in at 12:00 midday today.


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