Full Scottish – 24/11/2019

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This week, the Full Scottish is presented by Kenny McBride and his guests are Sam Paton from the Save Loch Lomond campaign and Ruth Watson from Keep Scotland the Brand.

The clear winner of Question Time’s party leaders programme was the SNP’s Nicola Sturgeon, who emerged head and shoulders above the rest as even voters in England said they wished they could vote for her. Of the rest, Jeremy Corbyn came across as the more sincere, with Jo Swinson and Boris Johnson being booed and laughed at.

As the party manifestos are launched, what to make of the promises and spending commitments? The tory plans to shake the magic money tree seems a bit like the political equivalent of vapour ware. It might seem confusing or at least ironic if an alien were to compare the media response to the spending pledges of the tories and Labour.

Voting in the Hong Kong District Elections will be being closely observed in Beijing and around the world as the democracy protesters show no sign of giving up. How will China respond to a strong vote for pro-democracy candidates?

Prince Andrew has stayed in the headlines all week as he was effectively sacked by the Queen and Prince Charles and the questions about his connections to Jeffrey Epstein just won’t go away.

There has been a lot of criticism of Edinburgh’s commercialisation, particularly the Princes Street Gardens Christmas market, which was dubbed “Disnae Land” this week. With proposals like Flamingo Land on Loch Lomond, are Scotland’s planning laws meeting the needs of communities or do they seem to favour the profits of big business?

Join us for in depth discussion of all these stories and much, much more on the Full Scottish.


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