Full Scottish – 24/05/2020

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Linda Bauld, Professor of Public Health at Edinburgh University and by Tommy Sheppard, MP for Edinburgh East.

Being completely professional and resisting any urge to let our thoughts be coloured by schadenfreude, we are still finding it hard to find anyone who thinks the goings of Cummings can be justified, except maybe for those cabinet ministers being forced into the limelight, encouraged by crack of the conservative party whips.

As newspaper reports this weekend are alleging dither and delay by the UK Government, what effect has the being part of a 4 nation strategy had on the Scottish government’s efforts to defeat coronavirus?

Does the decision for the Westminster parliament return to normal on the 2nd June just create a toxic culture in which a virus can grow?

Speaking of toxic cultures, apparently one of the coronavirus cures being pushed by President Trump is likely to cause death. Who’d a thunk it?

With the First Minister’s announcement of a Route Map out of Lockdown, what do we all need to do to keep coronavirus at bay and to try and create a semblance of normality in our daily lives.

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You can find the latest NHS Scotland Coronavirus COVID-19 information here


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