Full Scottish – 23/09/2018

Welcome to your Full Scottish, live from our Cowcaddens studio in Glasgow.

Full Scottish programme starts at 12:00 on Sunday 23rd September 2018

On the Full Scottish this week, Carol McNamara is joined by guests Sandra White, MSP for Glasgow Kelvin and by Ellen Hofer from EU Citizens for an independent Scotland.

With Westminster in recess this week the parliamentary drama has been in Scotland at Holyrood, with debates on Violence Reduction, Primary 1 Assessments, International Peace Day and the Culture Committee taking evidence on the Glasgow School of Art.

The Scottish economy is growing at a higher rate than the rest of the UK, however economic uncertainty over the increasing likelihood of a no-deal Brexit was brought into sharp focus by the announcement of a 3 day week by Jaguar Land Rover.

On Thursday, the Prime Minister went to Salzburg for the EU Summit, but while she gave her rendition of the “Lonely Goatherd,” Donald Tusk sang “How Do You Solve a Problem Like Theresa” and the chorus of all 27 EU leaders sang “So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye.”

Returning to London, bruised and humbled, on Friday, Theresa May stood in front of a camera inside 10 Downing Street like a petulant Violet Elizabeth Bott, threatening to “thcream and thcream ’till I’m thick.”

As the Party Conference opens in Liverpool this weekend, Labour are still directionless and in total disarray over Brexit, and with a YouGov poll showing the Conservatives with a 4 point lead over Labour, reports in today’s Sunday Times are saying that Theresa May is drawing up plans for a November General Election.

Finally, coinciding with International Peace Day, CND held a march and rally at Faslane to protest against the Trident nuclear weapons being based on the Clyde. The majority of Scots continue to oppose any nuclear weapons being based in Scotland.


Sandra White MSP - Full Scottish

Sandra White MSP

Sandra White is the Member of the Scottish Parliament for Glasgow Kelvin. Having been active in politics, both locally and nationally, since joining the SNP in 1983, Sandra served as the Councillor for Foxbar (Renfrewshire) for ten years before being elected as a MSP in 1999.

She is a member of the Social Security Committee in the Scottish Parliament. Sandra’s interests in politics revolve around achieving social justice, both domestically and internationally, and the regeneration of Glasgow. She is married with three grown up children.


Ellen Hofer - Full Scottish

Ellen Hofer

Ellen Hofer is a European community service designer and artist who has been living on the West coast of Scotland for over a decade. Having been politically active in her teens on the continent none of her family members and friends were surprised to find her passionately supporting Scottish Independence in her not-so-new home country. The outcomes of both IndyRef and the Brexit referendum irrefutably highlighted the need for EU citizens to be both more active and better represented as part of the diversity of political and social landscapes.

Ellen has been representing EU Citizens for an Independent Scotland as Creative Director since the beginning of 2017, giving EU citizens in Scotland a pro-indy voice and helping to open continental ears and doors for an Independent Scotland.

She continues to live in Glasgow and supports the independence movement by supporting the design and promotion of new projects, ideas and methods. She firmly believes that integrity, collaboration and innovation are at the heart of building an equal, fair, progressive and diverse independent Scotland.



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