Full Scottish – 22nd May 2016

Programme starts at 12:30 PM on Sunday 22nd May 2016

Welcome to your Full Scottish, live from the YES Bar in Glasgow.

We were unable to stream last Sunday’s Full Scottish live, due to network connection problems, so instead we recorded it as live. Here it is with a couple of small edits to take out all the stopping and starting while trying to connect to the network. Our apologies for the technical difficulty, which was beyond our control, and we hope you can now sit down and enjoy your Full Scottish.

Hello and welcome back! This week’s Full Scottish has all the ingredients for a truly memorable Michelin starred show. Without the food. Or the Michelin star. But it will be memorable. We have a lineup of great guests for your delectation, from newspaper editors to publicans and rappers.

Joining hosts Richard Walker and Michelle Rodger on the newspaper review are Scottish Sun acting editor Alan Muir and Yesbar owner Suzanne McLaughlin. Guests and hosts will be looking at the stories behind the headlines, with a nod to the cabinet reshuffle and Indyref2.

Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp from Business for Scotland will be on the show to talk about what Scottish businesses are looking for from new cabinet secretary for the economy Keith Brown. And we couldn’t invite Gordon on without asking about the economic facts of the EU argument. He has some little known facts that will have your head spinning!

Young comedian Christopher McArthur Boyd will be taking a lighthearted look at the week’s news. And Scottish rapper Loki (Darren McGarvey) will be performing for us. Loki is rapper-in-residence with Scotland’s Violence Reduction Unit and Christopher is, according to his Twitter bio, a stand up comedian into pro wrestling, sad music and lasagne! We’ll also learn more about alternative music festival Knockengorroch from director Katch Holmes.

So, now we’ve whetted your appetite, please tune in at 12.30pm on Sunday, May 22 and we’ll serve you up a memorable Full Scottish.

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