Full Scottish – 21/06/2020

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Emma Harper MSP and Anthony Salamone from European Merchants.

As far right thugs rioted in Glasgow to protect the statues of slave owners, what does it say about the media and police when they describe fascists and a demonstration supporting human rights for refugees as clashes between rival groups?

Speaking of the far right, Trump, in the fashion of all despotic autocrats, has sacked the Southern District of New York Prosecutor, Geoffrey Berman. The reason for the dismissal being suggested by commentators in America is to stop Berman filing charges against Trump, his family and alleged co-conspirators. Meanwhile Trump went to Tulsa to hold a rally, where he announced that to reduce the number of positive cases, he told his people to cut back on the testing – yes you read that right – less tests means less recorded cases. It won’t stop the number of Americans dying, but his rally may yet prove that Darwin’s theory of evolution has greater validity than creationism and the survival of the dumbest.

This week revealed the inequalities in the way COVID-19 has hit those in the most deprived socio-economic groups hardest, in both health and economic outcomes. In rebuilding Scotland better, how can we reduce inequality in our society?

Scotland is a major tourism destination and in particular, the rural economy needs to see tourism restart safely, but soon. The Scottish Government is working towards tourism and hospitality reopening on 15th July and this will be vital for many rural communities.

As the UK Government seem to be leading us blindly into a reckless no-deal Brexit, the Scottish Government has published a bill aimed at keeping Scotland’s laws aligned with the European legislation to enable an independent Scotland to re-join the EU as smoothly as possible. With a new opinion poll showing support for Scottish independence at 54%, is it now time to restart the campaign for independence in advance of the Scottish Government Elections in 2021?

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