Full Scottish – 21/04/2019

Welcome to your Full Scottish, live from our Cowcaddens studio in Glasgow.

Full Scottish programme starts at 3:00 PM on Sunday 21st April 2019


We hope you are enjoying this fantastic Easter weather and hopefully not over-indulging on the Easter eggs. Actually, you can over-indulge if you like, we are talking about chocolate after all.

Being Easter, we are having a break this weekend, but we have made a compilation of all the opening segments of the Full Scottish over the past 4 months and it really highlights the chaos of Brexit and just how dysfunctional the Westminster parliament really is when it comes to dealing with a national crisis, where red lines and dogma overtake common sense. As David greig put it a couple of weeks ago, if someone had submitted what has been happening in a script, he would have rejected it for being implausible.

Warm thanks to all our Full Scottish presenters and guests for their fascinating insights; Corri Wilson, Ellen Höfer, Anne McLaughlin, Martin Docherty-Hughes MP, Douglas Chapman MP, Dr. Craig Dalzell, Mhairi Black MP, Professor Murray Pittock, Ken McDonald, Greg McCarra, James Dornan MSP, Councillor Annette Christie, Professor Kirstein Rummery, Kurt Bassuener, Keith Brown MSP, Sandra White MSP, Dr. Philippa Whitford MP, Alan Bissett, Linda Fabiani MSP, Chris Stephens MP, David Greig, Lisa Peebles, Deidre Brock MP and Iain Robertson.


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