Full Scottish 2020 Hindsight Part 2 – 03/01/2021

Welcome to the Full Scottish 2020 Hindsight Part 1 from our Cowcaddens Studio in Glasgow.

Full Scottish starts at 12:00 midday on Sunday 3rd January 2021


This week on the Full Scottish, we bring you Full Scottish 2020 Hindsight – Part 2, looking back at some of our programmes from the last six months of 2020, from July to December with presenters Kenny McBride and Maggie Lennon who returned to our screens in October.

Guests include Dr Philippa Whitford ,Anthony Salamone, Andrew Wilson, Sam Paton, Marion Fellows MP, Linda Fabiani MSP, Lizzie Eldridge, Professor Alison Phipps, Effie Samara, Professor Aileen McHarg, Dr Craig Dalzell, Joyce McMillan, Owen Thompson MP, Liz Saville Roberts MP/AS, Professor Kirstein Rummery, Alison Thewliss MP, Simon Pia, Cllr Michelle Campbell and Emma Harper MSP. Peter Arnott, Maree Todd MSP, Adam Boys OBE, Ellen Höfer, Maggie Chapman, Dr Alan Flowers, Sandra White MSP, Valentina Servera Clevell, Kat Cary, Roz Foyers and Professor Murray Pittock


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