Full Scottish – 19/01/2020

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Professor of public law, Aileen McHarg and by Anthony Salamone, director of political analyst company European Merchants.

As we get closer to leaving the EU on January 31st, much of the media is focussing on Boris’ Big Ben Bongs and appears to be less concerned for the implications for UK industry trying to sell goods in Europe if there is no regulatory alignment, let alone the strong possibility of there being no free trade agreement in place by the end of the transition period.

The Labour leadership contest continues with Keir Starmer being the front runner against 4 women candidates. Is this a reflection the quality of the candidates or are there other motives behind the support for the different candidates. If their understanding of the issues in Scotland is the measure, then none of the candidates would score very highly. Perhaps looking to Spain for inspiration on how to deal with Scottish independence was not the most enlightened thing to say.

In the aftermath of the AUOB march in Glasgow this week, Boris Johnson responded to Scotland’s first Minister’s request for the transfer of the powers to hold constitutional referendums to Scotland, by saying not now, not in your life-time, not ever. The tories seem to be paying very little regard to the Claim of Right in Scotland and ignoring the election results in Scotland because they think they can. The right to self-determination is recognised in international law and that right can not to be regulated, modified or diluted by the dominating legislature. Are we now entering into a war of attrition where the side with most united position and the most coherent argument will win out?

What to say about the Whitehouse impeachment? Well you could say that the charges are Trumped up and if it was not for the partisan divide in US politics, the President would certainly be having to face the consequences of his actions. You have to wonder what would have to happen for US Senators to vote according to the facts and not along party lines.

What does the media coverage of the Harry and Meghan say about racism in the UK? When any person of colour points out their recognition that the coverage has been racist as reflected by their own lived experience, they are immediately attacked for playing the racist card and targeted for racist abuse? Are things going backwards or were the perceived improvements in the fight against racism just a veneer covering the base in institutional racism in society?


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