Full Scottish – 18/08/2019

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This week, the Full Scottish is presented by Ellen Höfer with guest Ronnie Cowan MP for Inverclyde.

In the papers today, leaked Operation Yellowhammer cabinet planning papers, reveal the chaos which will follow a no-deal Brexit and yet Boris Johnson seems determined that no-deal will be the outcome. Despite calls to recall parliament and form a government of national unity, opposition progress seem be hampered by the positions of the Libdem and Labour leaders.

The language used by politicians is important. Carelessly throwing about words like traitors, enemies of the people or collaborators has consequences as witnessed by the tory MP Dominic Grieve saying he is receiving death threats as a consequence of Boris Johnson’s statements about remainers and yesterday, the journalist Owen Jones revealed that he was assaulted in a pre-meditated attack as he left a pub.

On Friday, Ferguson Marine went into administration and was immediately nationalised by the Scottish Government, guaranteeing the jobs and the future of the company as well as getting the completion of the Calmac ferries back on track. All good news, but what are the plans for the long term future of the business.

As the announcement of record drug deaths in England and Wales passed with barely a mention this week, in contrast to the media frenzy over the publication of the Scottish figures, is it now time for the UK government to take a different approach and tackle drug misuse?

As figures reveal the British elderly suffer the worst poverty rate in Western Europe, is there a better fairer way to organise pensions? Is it now time to take a serious look at replacing pensions and benefits with a universal basic income?


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