Full Scottish – 17/05/2020

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On this week’s Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by journalist and commentator Simon Pia and by Jim Fairlie, the founder of Scotland’s first farmers market.

The situation at the Home Farm Care Home on Skye has highlighted the weaknesses in the provision of residential care homes. The Scottish Government is bringing forward emergency legislation to allow them to intervene more decisively when problems come to light, but is it now time to bring all residential care into the public sector?

As the UK and US opened negotiations on a post Brexit trade deal this week, a vote in Westminster on a motion not to reduce the current high UK food standards was defeated. Can you guess which six Scottish MPs representing rural constituencies voted to block the motion?

A new report shows that the HS2 costs are running out of control. Who would have thought that might happen – yes, everyone.

In Bosnia, which just 25 years ago witnessed the genocide in Srebrenica, anti-fascist demonstrators took to the streets of Sarajevo to protest against a Mass being held for pro Nazi Ustaša militia, killed by Tito’s Partisans in Blieburg in Austria in 1945.

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