Full Scottish – 15/12/2019

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This week on the Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by food writer, Rachel McCormack and Michelle Campbell, SNP Councillor for Erskine & Inchinnan to discuss the General Election results and what happens next for the UK and Brexit and what will happen in Scotland.

In 2014, the head of the No campaign in Scotland, Blair McDougall ridiculed the idea that Boris Johnson could ever become Prime Minister and suggesting that was a reason to vote for Independence was just scare-mongering. Well the General Election results in Scotland showed that people were not just scared but they are terrified of the impact that a right-wing Boris Johnson led tory government will have on Scotland. First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has said that next week, she will be calling for a Section 30 order to facilitate an Independence Referendum in 2020.

So the media speculation and spin is in overdrive already, with both broadcasters and print media in the UK happily pushing out the Downing Street spin of “healing the country” and “getting Brexit done” with very little scrutiny of the tory manifesto and yet, there will be a Queens Speech this week, probably on Wednesday which will lay out the proposed bills which a tory government with a majority of 80 will be able to push through regardless of any opposition objections. Can Scotland trust Boris Johnson with the Scotland Act as he pushes through the power-grab provisions of the Brexit Act’s Henry VIII powers?

What now for the Labour Party in Scotland? Have they left it too late to have any relevance to the debate on the future of Scotland or might they look at their opposition to independence again and start to consider that there might be a future for a Scottish Labour Party in an Independent Scotland? In the weeks ahead, we plan to be asking them that question – frequently.


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