Full Scottish – 15/09/2019

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Maggie Chapman of the Scottish Green Party to discuss the big stories in the news.

This week saw the most chaotic events in parliament in living memory as Boris Johnson moved to prorogue parliament after losing his sixth vote since he has taken office. The Inner House of the Court of Session in Scotland had a different interpretation of these events and ruled that the Prime Minister had acted with the intention of stymying parliament and misled the Queen about his reasons for prorogation.

Meanwhile, as the Libdems seem to be on a roll in England, attracting disaffected tory MPs and going total revoke as their policy, in Scotland, they are apparently very happy to get into bed with the tories to oppose indyref2, with Willie Rennie declaring he will never support a second independence referendum. A second EU referendum is OK, but indyref2? No! Meanwhile a new poll shows there is majority support across the UK for a second Independence Referendum.

Six sectarian marches across Glasgow were banned this weekend and this brought the Orange Order and other loyalist groups out onto George Square to complain that they were being subjected to sectarian discrimination. Will the Libdems take up their cause now that Ruth has hung up her Lambeg?

The problems in the construction of the New Edinburgh Sick Kids hospital says more about the lack of oversight public bodies have under a PFI type procurement system than any individuals failings. It is easy to call for a Cabinet Secretary’s head, but the root of the problem lies in the dismantling of architecture, design, construction and direct works departments in public authorities. When a public authority is not the client in the construction contract their oversight is consequentially limited by the contractual arrangements.

The Scottish government announces a support package for the Gypsy travellers in Scotland, but do we do enough to provide for this important community in Scotland?


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