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On the Full Scottish this week, Ellen Höfer is joined by Dr. Craig Dalzell and Kenny McBride to discuss the big stories in the weeks news.

At one time, the idea of Boris Johnson becoming the UK Prime Minister seemed like a bad joke or a nightmare and despite hustings and interviews repeatedly showing him to be totally inadequate for the job, that nightmare is now looking very much like becoming the UK’s new reality. What this means for Scotland or even for the Scottish tories, whose leader, Ruth Davidson has called him a liar and backed anyone but Boris, remains to be seen, while some of her MPs and MSPs have come out and publicly backed Bojo. In Scotland, there seems to be cross party rejection of the idea of Bojo the Clown becoming Prime Minister.

It is hard to reconcile the hard brexiteer’s description of the EU as undemocratic and unelected, when they have representation in the EU Parliament following the EU Elections in which they participated and now MEPs will vote for a new EU Commission President on Tuesday. The EU Council nominee for Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, said some complimentary things about Scotland and First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon this week, but whether there enough support for her among MEPs remains to be seen.

It has been repeatedly proven that immigration has a net positive benefit to the host country, far outweighing any of the alleged negative effects, and yet the anti-immigration rhetoric still seems to dominate the headlines in the media. On Friday, Lizanne Zietsman was forced by the Home Office in London to leave her husband her home and and her business on the Isle of Arran and return to South Africa, despite Scotland desperately needing more immigration.

Join us for all this and more on the Full Scottish.


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