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On this week’s Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by Marion Fellows MP and writer and academic, Gerry Hassan.

In the face of wind and rain, yesterday’s AUOB march is a demonstration of the growing determination for there to be an independence referendum in Scotland this year. The attention of the international media is paying to yesterday’s march and the independence movement is an indication that the world is seeing the potential for change in Scotland.

Scottish Labour Leader, Richard Leonard had proposed a new federal plan for Scotland and even if you accept the fact the a referendum on a federal UK would require a vote of the whole UK and would still be outside the EU, it seems the rest of Scottish Labour were not buying into his plan as more voices within the party are supporting Scotland’s right to choose its own political future.

The Labour leadership hopefuls seem unable to deal with the idea of the Scottish Claim of Right, with the notable exception of Norwich South MP, Clive Lewis who said that he supports Scotland’s right to choose in the National this week.

After 3 years, agreement was finally reached to restore the Northern Ireland Assembly and the first meeting at Stormont was held yesterday, resulting from a mix of political expediency from Westminster and the shift towards anti-Brexit, pro united Ireland MPs in the general election and the loss of DUP influence on the tories.

The fallout from the murder of journalist continues in Malta as Joseph Muscat finally steps down as prime minister over his connections to those involved in the murder and Robert Abela has been elected as the new Labour Party leader in Malta and will take over as Prime Minister.

The dreadful loss of life in the Ukrainian International Airlines plane crash in Iran, turns out to be a consequence of the raised tensions in the region as Iran admits human error (more accurately a systemic management error) was behind the Boeing 737 being shot down by and Iranian air-defence missile. Is the world moving back from the brink of conflict in Iran?

Well here is a right royal shocker. Harry and Meghan want to live their lives out of the glare of the UK tabloid press and now all UK media seem to be focussing on nothing else. Oh, and the Queen is not amused.

A new report by Glasgow University finds that Robert Burns is worth more than £200million a year to the Scottish economy. Another reason to celebrate the life and work of Scotland’s National Bard.


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