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This week on the Full Scottish, Kenny McBride is joined by Dr Craig Dalzell and Ellen Höfer to discuss the big stories in the news.

Sometimes you have to wonder if the SNP’s fear of negative media coverage prevents them from proactively getting out the positive message which has attracted so many supporters and resulted in them having the second largest membership of any political party in the whole UK.

The latest example is the SQA exam results, where a more open and clearer advance articulation of the strategy and methodology to be used to determine the results, from teacher grading through to adjusting to prevent grade inflation and on to the third stage where individual anomalies could be investigated and if required, corrected, would perhaps have headed off much of the criticism. Everyone agrees that every pupil should have the grades that reflect their abilities and the work they have done and everyone agrees on the need to avoid grade inflation or any action which would see the efforts of the students devalued for all time and being referred to as the “2020 results” by employers and academia, but criticism is easy and not much has been said on what could have done differently which would have had a better outcome.

The English A-Level and GCSE results are due out and look like running into the same problems faced by the SQA in Scotland, so with an election coming up, perhaps it is time for the SNP to show it has some belief in the people of Scotland and get the message out about what policies it wants for an independent Scotland and if they make themselves heard, voters in Scotland might support them in record numbers.

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