Full Scottish – 08/12/2019

Welcome to the Full Scottish from our Cowcaddens Studio in Glasgow.

Full Scottish starts at 12:00 midday on Sunday 8th December 2019


On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride will we joined by Elaine Gunn, the Scottish Green Party Candidate for Edinburgh West and Elaine Whyte from the Clyde Fishermen’s Association to talk about the big stories in this week’s news, comment on the latest General Election campaigning and discuss the future of fishing in Scotland.

This year’s “Strong and Stable” is “Get Brexit Done.” This is latest campaign message repeated ad-hominem by a tory leader in response to every question in every interview or debate. That is of course in the interviews which Boris Johnson actually turns up for. Who would have thought that Thatcher fan-boy Andrew Neil would be the scourge of Tory party leaders?

There is a problem with anti-Semitism in British politics. We know this because there has been a problem with anti-Semitism in the British Isles since the Middle Ages and it is still as pernicious and evil as it has always been. While there is no doubt that there are those who are trying to manipulate this for political advantage, anti-Semitism should not become a political football used for point scoring. It is justifiable to be critical of the Israeli Governments alleged human rights abuses in Palestine, but care should be taken over the language used to avoid any arguments being diluted or undermined by allegations of anti-Semitism. It is too easy for good people to become snared in such allegations, despite that being far from their intentions. Anti-Semitism should never be tolerated.

Trump was in the UK for NATO’s 70th anniversary meeting. He left early, either because he was in the huff at other NATO leaders taking the golden shower out of him or it might have been because he was worried he might be arrested when he landed back in the US over the allegations made in the impeachment hearings. Either way, he was not a happy President.

How would Brexit affect Scotland? The majority view is very badly. The fishing industry was vociferous in its support for Brexit, but does that reflect everyone in all sectors of the fishing industry or just the larger boats in the north-east whitefish fleet?

There is a lot to discuss, on the programme and among yourselves in person and online, but remember, a little kindness and courtesy goes a long way in getting your argument across.


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