Full Scottish – 07/06/2020

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On the Full Scottish this week, Kenny McBride is joined by Cllr Michelle Campbell and Sam Paton to discuss the big stories in the news this week.

As the violence by the authorities in America looked like it could get out of control, instead of trying to calm things down, President Trump seemed to ramp up the rhetoric in support of racist police officers.

Black Lives Matter protests have grown across America and around the world in solidarity with George Floyd and so many other black and minority ethnic people, who died at the hands of police forces who are there to protect lives.

It has become clear that whatever is in the best interests of Scotland is of no consequence to those negotiating Brexit and trade deal for the UK. The interests in protecting agriculture and fishing against cheaper American imports produced to lower standards, seem to be far below protecting banking and finance and the City of London.

The effects of coronavirus and the lockdown are having consequential effects on the economy and our lives which will require some innovative thinking if we are to create a positive future for Scotland.

Campaigning for independence in Scotland was suspended by the SNP at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, but, is the time coming when the focus on rebuilding the economy is going to be faced with the decision about whether Scotland needs all the economic levers of independence to create a successful new economic model in a post-pandemic world?

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