Full Scottish – 03/03/2019

Welcome to a special compilation Full Scottish, looking back over the past year.

Full Scottish programme starts at 12:00 on Sunday 3rd March 2019


This week’s Full Scottish takes a wee look back at some of the programmes broadcast over the past year. There were so many great guests and contributions to choose from, so we hope you like our selection.

We thought this might be enjoyable and bring back fond memories for regular viewers and give new viewers a quick retrospective of some of the Full Scottish programmes to date.

We could have made and probably will make many more compilations, because we are very grateful to all our guests for the excellent commentary on the week’s news and current affairs, they have provided. You may of course have other suggestions of your favourite clips and we would love to hear them.

Next week’s Full Scottish will be back in the the Studio as normal. We look forward to you joining us then.


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