Full Scottish – 01/09/2019

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This week, the Full Scottish is presented by Maggie Lennon and she is joined by Scottish actor, Janette Foggo and by Scottish playwright, Peter Arnott.

Despite protestations that he did not support arcane procedures during his election campaign, Boris Johnson this week announced his intention to prorogue parliament, thus reducing the time available to parliament to act to prevent a no-deal Brexit. What does this say for the state of “British Democracy,” so dependent on conventions and “gentlemen’s agreements?” What if the concept of the British Gentleman is just an image, a face they wear while stabbing you in the back and stealing whatever they can take – where does that leave the “Mother of Parliaments?” When the Prime Minister employs a man who has been held to be in contempt of parliament, what does that say about British democracy?

As people all over the UK took to the streets to demonstrate against the government’s actions and cases are proceeding in the courts, the big question is whether the opposition can get it together and co-operate to oppose what the government is doing. Will they rely on passing a bill to block no-deal or will they be able to gather support for a vote of no confidence and form a Government of National Emergency?

What next for Scotland? As Ruth Davidson resigns as Scottish tory leader, the idea that Scottish tories will become independent from the UK party is being floated again. Does this present a contradiction to their position on Scottish Independence?

As Holyrood and Westminster return from recess this week, while the government in London attempts to shut down parliament, In Edinburgh, the First Minister will set out her programme for government for the year ahead.

Another mass shooting in America and once more the lines are drawn between those seeking reform of gun laws and politician who support the NRA.

It is 80 years since Nazi forces invaded Poland and caused the start of the Second World War. Have we forgotten the lessons learned from the worst conflict of the 20th Century?


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