First Minister’s Questions – 24/03/2021

Join us for the last First Minister’s Questions of this parliamentary session, live from the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood.

Scottish Parliament – First Minister’s Questions.

12:30pm First Minister’s Questions

Ruth Davidson S5F-04920
1. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Anas Sarwar S5F-04921
2. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Willie Rennie S5F-04922
3. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Alison Johnstone S5F-04923
4. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Stuart McMillan S5F-04925
5. To ask the First Minister how many unpaid carers have been vaccinated to date.

Jamie Greene S5F-04927
6. To ask the First Minister for what reason more than 700 schools have not been inspected in over a decade.

Pauline McNeill S5F-04929
7. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s response is to reports that local authorities with the highest deprivation rates are least likely to approve Self-Isolation Support Grant applications.


You can find the latest NHS Scotland Coronavirus COVID-19 information here

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