First Minister’s Questions – 18/01/2024

Join us for First Minister’s Questions live from the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, starting with General Questions to Ministers.

Scottish Parliament – First Minister’s Questions.

11:40am General Questions

Stephanie Callaghan
1. [Withdrawn]

Foysol Choudhury S6O-02983
2. To ask the Scottish Government what safeguarding training NHS boards are required to provide to non-clinical staff who are handling interactions with members of the public.

Finlay Carson S6O-02984
3. To ask the Scottish Government what assessment it has made of any impact on agricultural communities that would result from the proposed reduction in the total spend on pillar 1 payments in its Budget 2024-25.

Douglas Lumsden
4. [Not Lodged]

Martin Whitfield S6O-02986
5. To ask the Scottish Government what steps it is taking to improve lifelong learning in Scotland.

Colin Smyth S6O-02987
6. To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking to attract and retain staff in colleges.

Sarah Boyack S6O-02988
7. To ask the Scottish Government when it last met with the City of Edinburgh Council to discuss its housing emergency declaration.

Paul O’Kane S6O-02989
8. To ask the Scottish Government when it last met with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to discuss out-of-hours GP services in Inverclyde.


12:00pm First Minister’s Questions

Douglas Ross S6F-02715
1. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Anas Sarwar S6F-02716
2. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Alexander Stewart S6F-02717
3. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s response is to reports that Scotland has among the worst survival rates for some of the most serious cancers.

Emma Harper S6F-02729
4. To ask the First Minister, in light of reported concerns regarding food labelling being a devolved matter, what the Scottish Government’s position is on what impact the UK Government’s reported plans to roll out “not for EU” labelling on food and drink products across the whole of the UK could have on Scotland’s food and drink industry.

Douglas Lumsden S6F-02720
5. To ask the First Minister what percentage of the premises contracted for delivery of superfast broadband under the R100 scheme have still to be connected.

Evelyn Tweed S6F-02719
6. To ask the First Minister what steps the Scottish Government is taking to ensure that information on sexually transmitted infections is accessible, in light of STIQ Day, and the reported rising number of cases of sexually transmitted infections in Scotland.

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