First Minister’s Questions – 11/05/2023

Join us for First Minister’s Questions live from the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood, starting with General Questions to Ministers.

Scottish Parliament – First Minister’s Questions.

11:40am General Questions

David Torrance S6O-02220
1. To ask the Scottish Government what steps it is taking to reduce the gender pay gap.

Christine Grahame S6O-02221
2. To ask the Scottish Government what measures can be taken to accelerate the prosecution of criminal cases.

Maurice Golden S6O-02222
3. To ask the Scottish Government what its position is, regarding any implications for its Water Safety Action Plan, on future lifeboat provision in Arbroath, in light of reported concerns expressed by the local community about the service.

Edward Mountain S6O-02223
4. To ask the Scottish Government, prior to the signing by the Minister for Green Skills, Circular Economy and Biodiversity of the Memorandum of Understanding between NatureScot and financial partners, how much financing it had identified would be required to meet its net zero targets for tree planting.

Audrey Nicoll S6O-02224
5. To ask the Scottish Government what action is being taken to ensure the involvement of Scotland’s financial sector in efforts to tackle the climate emergency.

Clare Adamson S6O-02225
6. To ask the Scottish Government what action it has taken to promote free bus travel through the National Entitlement Card scheme, particularly amongst people with a qualifying social security entitlement.

Michael Marra S6O-02226
7. To ask the Scottish Government what recent discussions it has had with Transport Scotland regarding the Swallow roundabout in Dundee.

Fiona Hyslop S6O-02227
8. To ask the Scottish Government when it last spoke with COSLA regarding what action local authorities are taking to improve bus service provision.


12:00pm First Minister’s Questions

Douglas Ross S6F-02082
1. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Anas Sarwar S6F-02083
2. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Gillian Mackay S6F-02109
3. To ask the First Minister whether the Scottish Government will consider a full ban on disposable vaping products on health and environmental grounds.

Fiona Hyslop S6F-02098
4. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s position is on the view of the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland that NHS Lothian should review its Children’s Rights Impact Assessment of the decision to end the Youth Navigator programme, which operates at St John’s Hospital.

Pam Gosal S6F-02100
5. To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government is taking to support colleges and universities in Scotland.

Katy Clark S6F-02085
6. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s position is on the potential impact of the proposed timetable reductions by ScotRail on efforts to ensure a modal shift from car to train.


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