First Minister’s Questions – 10/06/2021

Join us for First Minister’s Questions, live from the Scottish Parliament in Holyrood.

Scottish Parliament – First Minister’s Questions.

12:00pm First Minister’s Questions

Douglas Ross S6F-00070
1. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Anas Sarwar S6F-00071
2. Question to be taken in Chamber.

Willie Rennie S6F-00095
3. To ask the First Minister, in light of the growth in short-term teaching contracts, how many of the 3,500 teaching and classroom assistant posts that the Scottish Government has committed to creating will be given permanent contracts.

Kenneth Gibson S6F-00073
4. To ask the First Minister whether the Scottish Government will support and fund the roll-out of body-worn cameras for police officers and ambulance crews.

Sharon Dowey S6F-00078
5. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government’s response is to reports that, to meet the SQA quality assurance processes, local authorities are validating teachers’ estimated grades using a school’s prior attainment data.

Gillian Mackay S6F-00084
6. To ask the First Minister what the Scottish Government is doing to improve trans and LGBT+ healthcare.

Sarah Boyack S6F-00091
7. To ask the First Minister what action the Scottish Government is taking to address the reported backlog of NHS dental appointments for children and young people.


You can find the latest NHS Scotland Coronavirus COVID-19 information here

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