Broadcasting Scotland Says Vote Remain

Richard Walker’s Vote Remain statement on behalf of Broadcasting Scotland.


Richard Walker Vote Remain

Richard Walker

The European referendum has presented some difficult challenges to Scots, not least to those who supported independence in the referendum of 2014.

We have had to listen to Project Fear tactics we dismissed when they were adopted by those arguing for the continuation of the union.

Those politicians who support the Remain case are only too aware of the electoral punishment which awaits those who share a platform with Conservatives such as David Cameron and George Osborne.

The result has been a fractured and unfocused Remain campaign, during which many of those participating have spent as much time distancing themselves from each other as advancing the much promised positive case for Europe.

As result polls now suggest a worrying lead for those arguing we should vote next Thursday to leave Europe, even more concerning is a recent poll which suggested that, although a majority of people living in Scotland continue to support Remain, that majority has dropped.

The team that produces the Full Scottish online TV show on Sundays believes passionately that Scotland’s future interests are better served within the EU than outside it.

Furthermore we are concerned that the political direction which would be pursued by the UK after a Leave vote would be in direct conflict with mainstream political opinion in Scotland.

That’s why we are devoting Sunday’s show to arguing the case to Vote Remain.

And we’re doing something a little different too. We’re offering our cameras to you, the Scottish public, to explain why so many of you want to stay part of the European project.

The cameras will be running when we start broadcasting our show from the Yes Bar in Drury Street, Glasgow at 12.30 pm on Sunday. If you can make it along we’ll record and broadcast your views. It’s the best way we can think of to show the support for Europe and to explain to those who think the Remain vote is in the bag in Scotland that there’s absolutely no room for complacency.

And if you’re a supporter of Scottish independence who believes Brexit will hasten Indyref2 remember this …. that argument is shattered if Scotland does not vote strongly in favour of Remain.

Every vote counts in this referendum. Please help stop the UK and Scotland sleepwalking into a catastrophe.


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