AUOB Elgin Ceilidh – 04/07/2020

Join us at 7:00pm on Saturday 4th July 2020 for our AUOB Elgin Ceilidh, live from Elgin.


Today, 4th July is a big day. Not only is it the 4th of our AUOB Ceilidh’s held to mark what would have been a massive All Under One Banner March for Scottish Independence in Elgin, but for the first time since lockdown, we are able to broadcast our ceilidh live from Elgin instead of from the studio. The 4th July also marks the day when America declared Independence from the British Empire, 244 years ago today. Definitely a big day.

We have done a lot of careful planning so we can guarantee the physical distancing and safety of every one participating and to make sure that we are fully compliant with the lockdown regulations and we are delighted to be able to be in Elgin, a toun that has always been very kind and welcoming to Broadcasting Scotland.

We will have a full rundown of all our guests just as the programme starts, so watch this space and join us at 7:00pm for another fabulous AUOB live ceilidh.


You can find the latest NHS Scotland Coronavirus COVID-19 information here

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